by Matt Carmichael
Frequently asked questions
Who is Matt Carmichael?

Matt Carmichael is an award-winning journalist and photographer, based in Chicago. For years he has split his time covering rock for publications such as Rolling Stone, Spin, the Chicago Tribune,, and and interactive marketing and technology for Advertising Age, Crain's Chicago Business and others.

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What is began in early 1994 shortly after the launch of Mosaic, the first graphic Web browser. In its first incarnation it was the home to the Lou Reed Web site, a comprehensive yet unofficial site dedicated to the music of the Velvet Underground and its founder.

Later we worked with Poi Dog Pondering to create their official site and for five years, was a spin-off of Some of that work can still be seen in the gallery.

Currently this site serves as an online clip file, photo gallery and general information site for the author/photographer.

Can I get my band on or at least get a email address?

Probably. Drop a note to and we can see if we can work something out.

So do you know XXX band, or where I can contact them?

Nope. Start with their official site, if they have one, or their label if they don't. Good luck!

What is it with you and the Monkees?

It's nothing, really. I don't mean to downplay their role in life, or the greatness of a couple of their greatest hits. Perhaps the review was a little harsh, but I stand by it, OK?

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