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Lou Reed and
the Velvet Underground
Some history...

Would you believe this all started on Prodigy? I was a huge Lou Reed fan and was mildly irritated that there were like 42 message boards for U2 and none for the artists who gave them their inspiration. So I started a Lou Reed board and attracted some people, tho not many. This was 1991.

As the Internet began to take hold, I was always disappointed in the lack of Lou/VU-related materials. So first I ran an FTP site, started a newsgroup and later (once it was invented) I put together the first Lou Reed Web page at I had to compile the Web server myself cuz it wasn't like there were any public servers anywhere. It was March 1994 and the Web was fewer than 1000 sites old. I posted a note to the Lou list, then run by Anthony J. Rzepela, a man I've never met, but owe much to. And folks from the world over started showing up in my logs. Man, the Internet's cool. We forget that sometimes.

How old is this site? Soooo old, that for a while, if you searched the entire Internet for the word "Heroin," this site came up #1. And if you searched for a couple favorite four-letter words, this was in the top five. And I mean, of course, searching with Lycos when it was still at

Anyway, life goes on. Priorities change. And the focus of what has become has shifted. Thankfully, many others have picked up my slack and Lou has put up his own page.

But I'm leaving this here. As an artifact, partially. And because people still come here, and read what they read, and sometimes they're kind enough to send me mail and tell me about it. So enjoy. And if you like, poke around the rest of You'll find stories and photos about a lot of familiar faces.

Words and...

Sterl, Moe and Chad
Over the years, I've been able to chat with all four of the "original" Velvets, in some cases on a number of occasions. Here are some of the articles that came out of those conversations.

John Cale, (4/95)
Moe Tucker/Sterling Morrison, (10/94)
Moe Tucker, (10/95)
Sterling Morrison, remembered
Sterling Morrison, thoughts from the 'net
The concert for the Rock Hall
An old paper I wrote
Lester Bangs on Metal Machine Music


Sit down, have a smoke
Hit reload a few times...
Discographies and lyrics
This page started as a simple discography. And it grew and then shrank. A long time ago, eons before napster, I was asked to take the copywritten material off the site. It's never really been the same since. I had a pleasant conversation with Mr. Reed about it, but now you can find much more complete stuff elsewhere on the 'net, so I hope you won't miss it here.

Quote of the moment:


Images of Moe, John, Lou and others
Photo gallery
Over the years I've shot Moe, John, and some candid backstage shots of Lou. Enjoy.

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