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I talked with these people for quite a while and they said a lot of cool things. Here are a few quotes for the books. Enjoy!

Jonathan Richman on meeting me: "thanks for introducing yourself..."

Sterling on Punks: Punk bands were always such a joke. They are the littlest, skinniest guys I ever saw in my life. And they're copying this bad attitude. So maybe they deserve the attitude "punks" which is not serious bad, it's sort of wannabe bad.

Punk bands are twerps.

Sterling on Rock: The real rock 'n' roll experience is not lip-synching on MTV, it's playing clubs. It's not being this little ant in a stadium show that is projected on to some sort of monitor. You play these big shows, you never see the audience. Well you do see them, when you come gliding in on your bus, you see them trooping along like a defeated army, and to me, it always depressed me.

Sterling on being in a band: I don't see any essential difference between who's in the band and who isn't. Somebody spent more time in the bedroom practicing.

Sterling on the Velvets: The Velvet Underground never set out to be a commercial success. We had built-in reasons why it was impossible. The only thing you can say to our credit is that it didn't stop us. We kept on going anyway.

Sterling on Pale Blue Eyes: That was a song about love.

Sonny Vincent on Sterling Morrison: Sterling's a great guy, but I taught him a few licks and now he's really cool Sterling is really playing the hard core licks now. These licks are based on the musical diagrams that you find in any rock guitar book, but they're a little bit perverted, um, twisted. He really knows how to do some needlepoint and some great sewing. For people that think it's just all guitar playing and drinking milk, you're wrong. There's a lot of needlepoint involved.

Moe on why she plays guitar instead of drums now: Well the way I play is very simple. It was perfect for the Velvets but I need a better drummer than me for my stuff.

Moe on the her audience: When I first toured, I said to myself 'if the audiences turned out to be 40-year-old farts, that would be my last tour.' Luckily it has turned out to be young people.

Moe on the changing role of women in rock: That's a press illusion.

I never had a problem and no one even mentioned it in the Velvet days. I just played drums. I think the press has made a lot of it because a lot of women in the past eight or ten years have started playing more than the piano.

Sonny on Sonny: I was one of the people who invented punk, actually, but you probably never heard of me cause I was too punk for punk. I didn't do enough business, I just did punk.

John Slugget on playing the bass with a light bulb: That was strictly for the thrill of having a light bulb in my hand. I don't think it improved the sound but I think it had an illuminating effect.

Sterling on John's playing with a light bulb: The noise it made was no worse than what he was getting before

Moe on John's playing with a light bulb: I started thinking 'What is this shit'

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